We exist since 1994.

We advise the Investors and the Executors in realization of the investment, in particular which are based on the FIDIC contract requirements. We are a partners for the Investors – as a Contract Engineer, the Project Manager as well as for the Executors: as a Contract Administrator. The key for the venture is the concept phase which the point of culmination is in the tender documentation – a document which is very important for whole of the venture. Incorrect preparation of the documentation may result on submit a claims, which also we effectively prepare. We share our knowledge with others by organizing trainings and post-graduate studies, among others from scope of the FIDIC contract conditions (in collaboration with WSG in Bydgoszcz).

We have been on the market since 1994. We do not have a grand pyramid structure and we do our best to make our team friends with each other and communicate in non-formal way. This simplifies and accelerates the communication. As a result, we are more flexible and decisions are made faster. Our customers do not have to associate with fossilized, bureaucratic, dehumanized organization, as in the case of large corporations. We are your future business partners.

We help investors realize their vision

We advise on technical solutions; we help to select the best Executors. We look after reliable perform of the works building. We take care about the correct settlements. We take care of minimizing conflicts between the parties of the investment process. We try to “live with the project” together with the Investor.

We have a versatile, talented and nice team

Our staff form the Engineers, the Lawyers, the Economists – so our customers can have benefits from a wide spectrum of intellectual capital, various abilities and skills of our team.

Quality and Environment Policy

Our work is intellectual services, information processing. In our work we use modern IT solutions – we focus on reducing paper consumption, mobility and fast access to information for customers and for our team. Thanks to modern web applications our customers from every place on the earth can obtain access to information about their projects.

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