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We have a rich experience in performing the function of the Contract Engineer. We provide comprehensive services including representation of the client, technical, economic, financial, legal consulting, and controlling the construction investment process by using modern online tools. We have been acting as a Contract Engineer since 1994 on dozens of contracts/projects in Poland. We are experts in FIDIC conditions of contract. We control: the quality of the works, the progress of the works, the contractual terms and execution of other contractual obligations of the parties.

Creating a vision of the goal

Each investment starts from an idea – the investor has a brainchild. From an idea to execution the road is long – we HELP to begin it. We perform or advise the client in selection of contractors and ordering documents necessary for execution of the project: concepts, feasibility studies, technical designs, analysis, applications to the funding agencies. This stage of investment process is extremely important – success is dependent on its reliable execution. At this stage mistakes may occur, which will decide about disputes during the execution stage. At this stage withdrawal from the investment is still relatively cheap. At this stage the first economic forecasts can be determined and first decisions about choice of technology and methods have to be made. We created or advised on creation of several hundred such documents, for investments worth even more than 1 billion zlotys in various industries: water and sewage management, transportation infrastructure, waste management, commercial investments, public facilities.


At the heart of planning an investment is the preparation of schedule of works or works program. Simplified, it should include: a list of all planned activities, relations between them, estimated deadlines of their execution and people who are responsible for them. Depending on the needs and scale of complexity of the project it may also be enriched additionally with: milestones, critical path of the project, costs of individual actions, necessary resources at each stage, etc. It should be the project’s roadmap which allows to control deadlines, resources, costs and adjustments.


Based on the experience learned from daily work as well as more than twenty years of activity, the representatives from B-Act provide training on conducting investments based on FIDIC contract conditions, co-financed from European Union. The trainings combine theoretical and workshop modules. Theory is supported by real-life case studies from projects managed by us. The trainers are not hired for training purposes only – they work on daily basis within our organization. We guarantee that all the issues included in the trainings, our trainers encountered “in everyday life” while managing various the multimillion investments.

Contract Administration and Contract Claim Administration

We help in: generating and securing evidence for claims, supervising the fulfilment of contractual obligations, enforcing obligations of the employer and the subcontractors, maintaining the best possible cash flow of a contract, meeting the contractual deadlines and schedules. We implement clear procedures for claims, we introduce document forms, we train the contractor’s staff, we control deadlines, we actively pursue claims, we represent the contractor. WE KNOW HOW TO EFFECTIVELY WORK FOR THE CONTRACTOR, because we have nearly 20 years of experience, in advising BOTH the employer and/or the contractor. We provide KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF BOTH CONTRACT PARTIES. Our task is to protect the contractor from contractual risks – the contractor’s task is to focus on construction itself.

Earned value analysis

Earned Value Method (EV) is a specialized tool for tracking the project’s budgets. It is based on analysis of progress of works in relation to planned budget and real costs incurred. The result of the service is a tracking and reporting tool that allows to control your project budget. The benefits: possibility to track deviations of project costs during its execution, current tracking of profitability of the projects and profitability of the whole investment, it allows to connect temporary assessment of works progress with their financial progress, reflected on planned values. It allows to estimate the final cost and the completion date of the project based on trends, which occurred during execution.

Investment audits

Purpose of an audit is to make an evaluation whether the investment process is conducted properly. The focus is on identification of sensitive areas which sooner or later may lead to irregularities and to propose activities which optimize the investment process in the future. We check compliance of the parties with the contracts and the law, the requirements from the finance and control institutions.


We provide design services, i.e. delivering the multi-branch design documentation (construction and working designs), obtaining the Environmental Permit, developing Technical Specifications for Completing and Commissioning Construction Works, Bills of Quantities and Budget Estimates, such as water and sewage management (sewage plants, water treatment plants, water supply and sewage systems), industrial and public utility facilities. In addition, we render services for performing the Contract Engineer function according to FIDIC contract conditions (the FIDIC Red and Yellow books).